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“I like OB and family medicine – now what?”

Doing OB as a Family Medicine doctor

Family Medicine VS OB/GYN? So, you’ve done a few rotations and discovered you love family medicine, but you also love OB/GYN.  Considering pursuit of a career in family medicine, but still want to do pre-natal care and deliveries?  Questioning whether you can get cesarean section experience?  Wondering if…


Book Review: Checklist Manifesto

Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande Atul Gawande is a name most medical students will recognize. His first two books provided insight into how medicine goes wrong and how we’re working to get better. It seemed there was nothing more to be said at book…


Join the Team and Write for

  If you are a third or fourth year medical student with a passion for family medicine, we’d LOVE to have you join our team and write for Use our nifty Google Form to get started! You can write about any topic you feel…


10 Tips For Your First Clinical Rotation

1. Contact your preceptor beforehand! Confirm the hours, the location, and the appropriate dress. If you have no idea where the office/clinic/hospital is located, it might be a good idea to try getting there once before the morning of your actual rotation. 2. Understand…


How To Prepare for your COMAT / Shelf Exams

COMAT / Shelf Exams If you’re reading this, welcome to third year:  a magical time that will make you remember why you applied to med school in the first place.  The most important thing to remember about third year is that you are…


5 Tips For Securing Recommendation Letters

Getting recommendation letters can seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be! Keep these 5 simple tips to keep in mind, and you should have a less stressful time with securing them for when you apply to residency programs!…


Welcome to

Welcome to! We’re not officially launched yet, so if you’ve found us by accident please come back August 31st. We’re excited to be creating a great resource for third year medical students, especially for those interested in pursuing family medicine residency next year.…


The Team – Who Posts When?

FMstudent is run by Farrah, Pixie and Shannon. You can learn more about us here. We each write at different speeds and try to post ahead into the future, because fourth year of medical school is still pretty busy. We are taking on…