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5 Ways To Maintain Your Health

Medical students are [unfortunately] notorious for rather unhealthy lifestyle habits, but don’t forget to take care of yourself! Although it’s easy to let taking care of yourself fall to the wayside while you’re working hard on doing well on your rotations, try your…


Five Goals for Preparing Great Case Study Presentations

Case study presentations are a necessary evil of medicine, because we rely so much on teaching each other to learn, and our futures will be filled with CME based on power points. Third year is when most medical students dip their toes into…


10 Things To Know As A Third-Year Medical Student

Don’t lie and say you want to specialize in your preceptor’s field if it’s not actually what you want to do. I had no idea people even did this, but please don’t lie. It’s so, so far from genuine and if your preceptor…


Books to Buy

Third Year Medical Books to Buy

Third year has begun, and you’re used to buying books. While you can get away with a lot less, here’s my recommendations for the best books to start the year off right. Summary: Everyone should get Boards and Wards and the Sanford Guide; for the…


How To Choose A Residency Program

There are hundreds of great family medicine residency programs in the U.S., so narrowing down your search can be somewhat difficult! If you need some advice on how to choose a residency program, consider these factors in your search to help you choose…


How Do I Study for the Family Med Shelf?

If, like myself, you’re scheduled to do your Family Medicine rotation early in the year, preparing for the COMAT (the DO version of shelf exams) can be daunting. You have to learn a little bit of everything: pediatrics, internal med, OB and geriatrics with…


Finding Housing For Rotations

Medical school is expensive, and there’s no reason to rack up even more debt during your clinical rotations if it’s not necessary! Check out these resources if you need to find housing for your rotations! Family/Friends If you have any connections to the area, this…