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Happy Holidays from the FMS Team!

We know many of our fellow students cannot be home with their family this year, so Skype home when you can and smile & spread good cheer while on the wards. We’re wishing your holiday season is filled with joy. May your evenings be filled with…


Preventive Care: 3 Easy Ways to Learn for the FM Shelf

Preventive Medicine for the Family Med Shelf

I’m terrible at memorization, so when I realized preventive care questions were on the shelf I wanted to punch someone. Turns out it’s not as difficult to learn as it may seem. Whether you’re learning for your shelf, or want to look clever on your FM rotation,…


3 Tips For Healthier Hospital Food Choices

Since I’m relatively fresh out of a nutrition rotation (and also right in the middle of the holiday season), I figured I’d share 3 simple tips to make healthier food choices in the hospital! (Alternatively, if you can make the time, you can opt…


FM Student’s Guide to Surviving Third Year Night Shifts

Almost all guides to night shifts are the same. The #1 rule to remember is: this is part of your education, but also part of everyone else’s work day or hospital experience. Be engaged – interact with patients and your staff, and don’t…