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Med Student Turned Patient

Med Student Turned Patient

I’ve heard doctors are terrible patients; being a med student turned patient made me understand why. The short version? It’s a great learning experience you never want to go through. Role Reversal: the Med Student Turned Patient Last October I celebrated ending my fourth audition…


9 Tips For the Interview Trail

Since I’ve already written about interview tips I’ve gotten from residents, I’m sharing some of my own tips today! For the most part, Family Medicine interviews (or at least, the 15 I went on) tend to be more laidback–I definitely got the impression that my…


Our Favorite Posts: A Taste of

Welcome Visitors! Welcome medical students and family medicine fans! Since you’re new we’d love to tell you about some posts we’re currently working on, and recommend you check out our favorite posts. We hope you enjoy your visit, and encourage you to check us out Twitter and…


Residency Spotlight: Central Washington Family Medicine Residency

Central Washington Family Medicine Residency, Yakima, WA

The Residency Spotlight is a new series, dedicated to highlighting various Family Medicine residencies across the country, based on in-person experience from our own writers. There are so many wonderful opportunities in FM it can feel overwhelming looking at your options. We hope…


Medicine’s Hidden Curriculum & its Effects on 3rd Years

The Hidden Curriculum of Third Year Medical School

Hidden Curriculum & Medical Martyrdom Medicine is full of people who went through an un-healthy process to get to where they are. The intense competition of pre-med builds a foundation of over-achievement and self-neglect, the beginning of our medical martyrdom. We decorate this…


Resource Roundup: Third Year Advice for Current Second Years

Third Year Advice Roundup

Third Year Advice Round-Up Most of the class of 2018 are in the midst of board studying, stealing a precious moment to take a break and browse the web. Before you get back to doing practice questions we’d like to promise you that third year…


DO Decisions: Should I do both Matches (ACGME vs AOA) in 2016/2017?


Tonight is the night before the ACGME side of the Match opens in ERAS. If you already applied on the AOA side then your curriculum vitae, personal statement and letters of recommendation are likely already complete in ERAS. It’s time to decide if…


The Match Algorithm – How Does it Work?

The Match Algorithm

Understanding the Match Algorithm The Match algorithm is based on the work of Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapely – who jointly won the 2012 Economic Sciences Nobel. It is essentially a simple database which takes a list of residencies and a much larger list of hopeful…


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