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Red Flags on the Residency Interview Trail

Red Flags During Residency Interviews

Fourth Years, Be Warned Interview season is stressful, new and confusing, and for the Class of 2017 rapidly approaching, we’ve compiled our take on what constitutes red flags on the residency interview trail – key warning signs of programs you’ll want to avoid…


Have Advice for New Third Years?

Share your Knowledge with the New Third Years!

Share Your Knowledge With FMS! We’re working on a “Third Year Survival Guide” and wanted to reach out to our awesome readers and ask if there’s any advice, tips or recommendations YOU have for the Class of 2018 as they start their clinical years. You…


Medical iPhone Apps for Third Year Med Students

Medical iPhone Apps

Here’s the list of medical iPhone apps I most used during third year. I’ve tried to list the most useful apps, skipping any that had one helpful screen and a bunch of garbage or bloat features. If you’re an Android user I also tried to note…


Joining Family Medicine via the Scramble

Holly's Scramble

The AOA Scramble Overview Back in February, Pixie wrote an article about the osteopathic options post-Match, and discussed whether those who found themselves un-Matched should consider pursuing Family Medicine. Afterwards, we reached out to a few fourth year students who experienced the scramble themselves, and Holly was…


Residency Spotlight: Shasta Community Health Center Family Medicine Residency

It’d probably be wise for me to preface that this was the last of a 4-interviews-in-3-days-across-3-states (NC, NJ, CA) stint that I did at the beginning of December whilst on the interview trail. This was my attempt at trying to save myself from…