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How to Use OnlineMedEd to Succeed

FMS interviews

See my original review of OnlineMedEd’s free videos here: Resource Review, the first part of this series where I interview Jamie & Dustyn about their philosophy and part two where we discuss why their videos work for students. How to Use OnlineMedEd Although all the videos…


Resources For Medical Students

This is by no means a complete collection of resources, but hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that helps you in here! (Mostly-)Free Online Resources Online MedEd – Free, although if you want to be able to download the audio clips +…


Why Do OnlineMedEd’s Free Clinical Education Videos Work?

FMS interviews

See my original review of OnlineMedEd’s free clinical education videos here: Resource Review and the first part of this series, interviewing Jamie & Dustyn about their philosophy. Why Do Free Clinical Education Videos Work? In some other Q&As I’ve read that Dustyn gives OnlineMedEd access to students…


Using OnlineMedEd for Family Med Clerkship?

OME for FM Rotation

FMS presents: Our downloadable guide to using to succeed during your Family Med rotation. Why the Guide? Family Medicine rotations are highly variable, lasting anywhere from four to eight weeks. OnlineMedEd is an awesome resource, and ideal for building a foundation in the ‘little…


The Philosophy Behind OnlineMedEd’s Free Videos

FMS Interviews the Folks Behind

To celebrate summer we’re doing a short series of posts interviewing Jamie and Dustyn, the creative awesomeness behind OnlineMedEd’s free videos. Pixie especially really loves the services they provide (both the great wealth of free videos and the additional paid services) and wanted…