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FM: Opposed versus Unopposed

Family Medicine - Opposed or Unopposed?

“Is your program opposed or unopposed?” It’s the second question I asked of each program at last year’s AAFP conference, but it’s not the right one to ask. First, let’s define about what I’m talking about. Definitions Are Important Unopposed – Means that at the primary educational facility (hospital)…


2017 Match Season Updates

ERAS has Opened

Today is the ACGME opening in ERAS, and that means Match 2017 is in full swing. We will be putting LOTS OF TIPS and info on our Facebook page ( during the Residency Interview & 2017 Match season. We highly recommend you follow us…


An Interview with Swap&Snooze

Interview with Swap & Snooze

FMS Interviews Jess and Megan at Swap&Snooze Swap&Snooze is an awesome way for medical students to help each other out. Free to join, free to use, and free for sleeping when you’re on the interview trail. You have to prove you’re a medical…


Confirming my Commitment to Family Medicine

An experience in OB confirmed my commitment to family medicine

Confirming my Commitment to Family Medicine My final rotation of fourth year was a two week elective in OB/GYN. I’d chosen it in late January, with only a few days to cement my schedule I assumed by May I’d want to brush up on my women’s…