was an idea that grew from a series of texts and emails in the summer of 2015. We were approaching interview season, madly Googling for tips and advice to navigate uncharted waters, and wishing there was a better way. We realized there needed to be a resource for third and fourth year medical students, to answer the questions that came up again and again, without the gunner negativity that lurks on sites like Reddit or SDN.

We launched the site as we began OMS4, and have been surprised by how many medical students have found our posts useful. Now, “we” are no longer osteopathic medical students, but we hope you find the answers you need as you enter your third and fourth year of medical school. While our focus is on those¬†committed to specializing in Family Medicine, our posts cover a breadth of topics that will benefit every third year student. Thank you for helping us grow, sharing our posts and liking our work.

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Last updated 2020-05-30