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Farrah has a background in exercise biology and music. Her passions include food, sports medicine, working with the under-served, blogging, food and cats. She’s a good cook, too.


What’s In My Pockets

Back in medical school, one of my study buddies and I wondered wondered about the buttons on our white coats. Which ones were supposed to stay buttoned? He asked a second-year, and was told a pretty simple way to remember. There are 3 buttons,…


5 Podcasts For The Road

I spent a pretty ridiculous amount of time driving while I was on the residency interview trail, and I unfortunately didn’t have an unlimited data plan or much space on my phone, but these would’ve been monumentally helpful to have back then! Check out…


Scheduling Residency Interviews in 4th Year

Scheduling Residency Interviews

It’s August, so it’s time to start scheduling residency interviews, if you’re a fourth year DO student. For the MD students it’s a little over a month away before the ACGME side opens. So bookmark this post for later. Tips from Farrah for Scheduling Residency…


Post-Interview Communication

This topic was originally a part of the Interview Advice From Family Medicine Residencies post, but it’s been sectioned out into its own piece! Farrah’s Perspective Post-interview communication can be a tricky deal. You want to demonstrate your interest in the program, but…


FM Student’s Game Plan For Your Clinical Years

Feeling a little nervous about starting and/or doing well on your clinical rotations? Check out FM Student’s game plan for your clinical years! Your third year (and early fourth year) of medical school are your chance to figure out what field you want to go into and to get…


Interview Advice From Family Medicine Residencies

I interviewed at 15 Family Medicine programs in 6 different states across the country and matched at my first choice, so I decided to interview some of the places I interviewed at to compile this post on interview advice from family medicine residencies!…


Sample Interview Questions

If you’re looking for some sample questions to look over before going on your residency interviews, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a batch of practice questions for you to go through! …but first off–my biggest piece of advice? Relax and be yourself. Know…


Resources For Medical Students

This is by no means a complete collection of resources, but hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that helps you in here! (Mostly-)Free Online Resources Online MedEd – Free, although if you want to be able to download the audio clips +…


Red Flags on the Residency Interview Trail

Red Flags During Residency Interviews

Fourth Years, Be Warned Interview season is stressful, new and confusing, and for the Class of 2017 rapidly approaching, we’ve compiled our take on what constitutes red flags on the residency interview trail – key warning signs of programs you’ll want to avoid…


Residency Spotlight: Shasta Community Health Center Family Medicine Residency

It’d probably be wise for me to preface that this was the last of a 4-interviews-in-3-days-across-3-states (NC, NJ, CA) stint that I did at the beginning of December whilst on the interview trail. This was my attempt at trying to save myself from…