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The AAFP National Conference

Should you spend $130 to virtually attend this year’s AAFP National Conference? It depends on who you are.


Dress to… Empower!

Woman in Blazer with Purse, looking over balcony, with Caption "Dress to Empress" and "What to Wear as Medical Student"

Most of the advice centers around concepts of trust, perceived competence and patient ease; and the claim that our clothing can influence these important elements of a patient interaction. So: what does data actually demonstrate?


Which Medical Symbol Is Correct? ⚕ ☤ $ 

Which Medical Symbol is Correct?

 The Rod of Asclepius… …is the “true” medical symbol, ⚕ , and is preferred by medical societies who know what they’re doing, including the AOA, AMA, AAFP, Air Force Medical Corps and Navy Medical Corps. If you once studied Greek mythology you might remember that Asclepius was…


The first few weeks (and some advice)…

So, I started a couple weeks ago at pretty much the best FM residency in the country (I may be a bit biased).  But, it truly is amazing.   We start out with a month of rotating around and getting to know the…


Med Student Turned Patient

Med Student Turned Patient

I’ve heard doctors are terrible patients; being a med student turned patient made me understand why. The short version? It’s a great learning experience you never want to go through. Role Reversal: the Med Student Turned Patient Last October I celebrated ending my fourth audition…


Medicine’s Hidden Curriculum & its Effects on 3rd Years

The Hidden Curriculum of Third Year Medical School

Hidden Curriculum & Medical Martyrdom Medicine is full of people who went through an un-healthy process to get to where they are. The intense competition of pre-med builds a foundation of over-achievement and self-neglect, the beginning of our medical martyrdom. We decorate this…


DO Decisions: Should I do both Matches (ACGME vs AOA) in 2016/2017?


Tonight is the night before the ACGME side of the Match opens in ERAS. If you already applied on the AOA side then your curriculum vitae, personal statement and letters of recommendation are likely already complete in ERAS. It’s time to decide if…


Should you Scramble into Family Medicine?

AOA Post-Match Scramble

The AOA Match was on February 8th, immediately followed by the “scramble” of un-matched seniors. The scramble is the AOA version of the ACGME SOAP, during which fourth year medical students who did not match try to find a residency position with programs that still…


Social Media: 5 Tips to Curate Your Online Presence for Residency Apps

Five Tips to Cultivate your Social Media Presence

Social Media is Your Problem According to a 2010 Medscape survey 90% of program directors agree “residency candidates should be accountable for unprofessional behavior discovered through social media.” In 2015, a resident asked about my website during an interview – twice. While my sample size is small, I…