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How to Budget During Med School

How to Budget During Med School

What? I just got my loans. I’m fiiiiiiine. I don’t need to budget. It’s August 2020 – and that means brand new medical students are on their way to start school. If you are paying for bills, tuition, books, food, housing and everything…


Applying to Residency During a Pandemic?

Fourth year and at a loss where to start in choosing residency programs to apply for? We got you, friend.


Interviewing for Residency Virtually?

Nervous about #Match2021? Here are some tips from new interns who Matched in 2020, with advice for those new video interviews.


EKG Basics

How to Read EKGs

I’m assuming you learned some EKGs at the end of your second year, before you started clinicals. But now it’s April and you may have forgotten. So let’s review some basics and get you started on reading EKGs better. You’re going to want…


Making your Rank Order List (ROL) for Match 2020

Images of Valentine's candies with "pick me" and "choose me" with text Match Day and Your Rank order List

In less than a month the Rank Order List Certification Deadline will happen. Interviews have occurred, emails exchanged, charts of pros/cons drawn up. Programs are looking over lists of applicants and notes from residents, admin and faculty. Many have already decided on how…


More Questions to Ask at Your Residency Interview

More questions to ask at your interviews

Pixie has survived 3 years of residency and interview seasons – so here’s an update on questions to ask at YOUR Family Medicine residency interview.


2019 Interview Season Mega-Post

Welcome medical students! If you have questions about interview season we strongly recommend you get on Twitter and follow the #Match2020 tag to get them answered. But before you go, here are some links to our past articles about interview season. Yes, they’re…


MATCH 2019: Making Your Rank Order List

Match 2019 Rank Order List

It’s Match 2019 and I’m assuming y’all are quietly losing your minds trying to rank most of the programs you interviewed at over the past four grueling months. You’ve been checking notes (hastily written on airplanes), creating spreadsheets (does the quality of the cafeteria food get equivalent points to the quietness of the call room?), and re-writing your list again and again.


COMAT Exam: Emergency Medicine (EM Shelf)

EM Shelf - The NBOME's newest COMAT and COMQUEST'S new qBank

The EM Shelf With the creation of a formal NBOME emergency medicine COMAT exam, DO students now have yet another test to study for. Lucky for you, COMQUEST is here with a new collection of practice questions designed for the EM shelf. Their overview…


Match 2019: ACGME and the Last of the AOA Edition?

MATCH 2019

Fourth Years… The Force is With You! As August begins fourth year medical students begin a seven month odyssey of anxiety, self-promotion and self-doubt. That’s right, they’re beginning their Match journey. It was incredibly frustrating as a student on rotations trying to compile…