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Cardiology Rotation Resources

Resources for Cardiology Rotations

There’s a lot of internal medicine sub-specialty rotations you can choose from during your third or fourth year electives, and one that is frequently recommended is cardiology, or electrophysiology cardio (ie: EKG reading), lasting anywhere from 1-4 weeks. It can be one of the…


Should you do an Ortho Sports Med elective?

Ortho / Sports Med Elective

Should you do an Ortho Sports Med elective? I have to admit, I’m biased to answer yes to this question. When I was a pre-med I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon, due to an adolescence filled with patellar dislocations and repeat visits…


FM Student’s Guide to Surviving Third Year Night Shifts

Almost all guides to night shifts are the same. The #1 rule to remember is: this is part of your education, but also part of everyone else’s work day or hospital experience. Be engaged – interact with patients and your staff, and don’t…


Clerkship Tools: Psychiatry and Mental Health

The best tool for your psych clerkship is a well known book – First Aid for Psychiatry – that covers literally everything you’ll need for the shelf exam (COMAT or the MD version). For large textbooks I say get the real thing, rather than the…


Should you Do a Radiology Elective?


Fourth year of medical school you usually have more weeks of electives available and it can be hard to decide what to do with all that time. Is there any benefit to doing a radiology elective? Yes. I’m only on the second day of…


Five Goals for Preparing Great Case Study Presentations

Case study presentations are a necessary evil of medicine, because we rely so much on teaching each other to learn, and our futures will be filled with CME based on power points. Third year is when most medical students dip their toes into…


Books to Buy

Third Year Medical Books to Buy

Third year has begun, and you’re used to buying books. While you can get away with a lot less, here’s my recommendations for the best books to start the year off right. Summary: Everyone should get Boards and Wards and the Sanford Guide; for the…


Finding Housing For Rotations

Medical school is expensive, and there’s no reason to rack up even more debt during your clinical rotations if it’s not necessary! Check out these resources if you need to find housing for your rotations! Family/Friends If you have any connections to the area, this…


10 Tips For Your First Clinical Rotation

1. Contact your preceptor beforehand! Confirm the hours, the location, and the appropriate dress. If you have no idea where the office/clinic/hospital is located, it might be a good idea to try getting there once before the morning of your actual rotation. 2. Understand…