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FM Student’s Game Plan For Your Clinical Years

Feeling a little nervous about starting and/or doing well on your clinical rotations? Check out FM Student’s game plan for your clinical years! Your third year (and early fourth year) of medical school are your chance to figure out what field you want to go into and to get…


Cardiology Rotation Resources

Resources for Cardiology Rotations

There’s a lot of internal medicine sub-specialty rotations you can choose from during your third or fourth year electives, and one that is frequently recommended is cardiology, or electrophysiology cardio (ie: EKG reading), lasting anywhere from 1-4 weeks. It can be one of the…


Using OnlineMedEd for Family Med Clerkship?

OME for FM Rotation

FMS presents: Our downloadable guide to using OnlineMedEd.org to succeed during your Family Med rotation. Why the Guide? Family Medicine rotations are highly variable, lasting anywhere from four to eight weeks. OnlineMedEd is an awesome resource, and ideal for building a foundation in the ‘little…


Medical iPhone Apps for Third Year Med Students

Medical iPhone Apps

Here’s the list of medical iPhone apps I most used during third year. I’ve tried to list the most useful apps, skipping any that had one helpful screen and a bunch of garbage or bloat features. If you’re an Android user I also tried to note…


Interview Advice From Residents

Along the interview trail and on my audition rotations, I decided to ask for advice from residents on interviews, and on choosing a residency program. Here’s a compilation of 10 pieces of interview advice that I gleaned from residents in those conversations! Learn…


Clerkship Tools: Psychiatry and Mental Health

The best tool for your psych clerkship is a well known book – First Aid for Psychiatry – that covers literally everything you’ll need for the shelf exam (COMAT or the MD version). For large textbooks I say get the real thing, rather than the…


How To Prepare for your COMAT / Shelf Exams

COMAT / Shelf Exams If you’re reading this, welcome to third year:  a magical time that will make you remember why you applied to med school in the first place.  The most important thing to remember about third year is that you are…