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SOAP 2017 and You


Tomorrow is the start of Match Week 2017. Across the country fourth years will be anxiously awaiting an email stating either “Congratulations You Matched” or… not. Today, those same medical students are quietly freaking out. That’s okay, and it’s normal. But my mother…


Differential Diagnosis for Fourth Year

Building a Better Differential As a medical student  I used VINDICATE to build my differential diagnoses, both in third and fourth year. As an intern I’ve realized I should have moved beyond the mnemonic in fourth year, to be better prepared for working on the…


Questions to Ask at Your Interviews

The REAL Questions to Ask at Family Medicine Interviews

There are a ton of potential questions, to help determine if a program is a good fit for YOU. So it’s time to ask yourself what kind of training environment you want, what populations you hope to work with and what you want…


5 Podcasts For The Road

I spent a pretty ridiculous amount of time driving while I was on the residency interview trail, and I unfortunately didn’t have an unlimited data plan or much space on my phone, but these would’ve been monumentally helpful to have back then! Check out…


FM: Opposed versus Unopposed

Family Medicine - Opposed or Unopposed?

“Is your program opposed or unopposed?” It’s the second question I asked of each program at last year’s AAFP conference, but it’s not the right one to ask. First, let’s define about what I’m talking about. Definitions Are Important Unopposed – Means that at the primary educational facility (hospital)…


Fourth Year Tips from Marshall Ochi

Tips for Fourth Year Students

Part Two of our series of interviews with current FM interns, giving advice and tips for fourth year medical students embarking on the residency application and interview process. Today we’re interviewing Marshall Ochi, who has a passion for Sports Medicine and Matched to ProMedica Toledo Hospital Family Medicine…


Fourth Year Tips from Sean

Tips for Fourth Year Students

This fall we’ll be doing an awesome series of interviews with current FM interns, getting advice and tips for fourth year medical students embarking on the residency application and interview process. Today we’re interviewing Sean, an osteopathic student who Matched to a family medicine…


Scheduling Residency Interviews in 4th Year

Scheduling Residency Interviews

It’s August, so it’s time to start scheduling residency interviews, if you’re a fourth year DO student. For the MD students it’s a little over a month away before the ACGME side opens. So bookmark this post for later. Tips from Farrah for Scheduling Residency…


FM Student’s Game Plan For Your Clinical Years

Feeling a little nervous about starting and/or doing well on your clinical rotations? Check out FM Student’s game plan for your clinical years! Your third year (and early fourth year) of medical school are your chance to figure out what field you want to go into and to get…


The first few weeks (and some advice)…

So, I started a couple weeks ago at pretty much the best FM residency in the country (I may be a bit biased).  But, it truly is amazing.   We start out with a month of rotating around and getting to know the…