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5 Podcasts For The Road

I spent a pretty ridiculous amount of time driving while I was on the residency interview trail, and I unfortunately didn’t have an unlimited data plan or much space on my phone, but these would’ve been monumentally helpful to have back then! Check out…


The Future of MedEd?

FMS interviews OnlineMedEd.org

Before we delve into the Future of MedEd, see my original review of OnlineMedEd’s free videos here: Resource Review, the first part of this series where I interview Jamie & Dustyn about their philosophy, part two where we discuss why their videos work for students and part…


Medical iPhone Apps for Third Year Med Students

Medical iPhone Apps

Here’s the list of medical iPhone apps I most used during third year. I’ve tried to list the most useful apps, skipping any that had one helpful screen and a bunch of garbage or bloat features. If you’re an Android user I also tried to note…


Learn During Downtime on the Wards

How to Learn On the Wards

Last year I quickly grew tired of carrying books in my lab coat pocket; they weighed me down and made my shoulders ache. However, I also loathe buying e-books for the iPad as most are poorly converted, rubbish scans of pages with poor search functionality.…


OSCE Apps: What are Your Options?

OSCE iPhone Apps

The OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is required by most  medical schools now before you can take the Level 2 / Step 2 standardized patient exam. It involves less-than-life-like standardized patients with varied scripts and it can be a pain to study for.…