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Confirming my Commitment to Family Medicine

An experience in OB confirmed my commitment to family medicine

Confirming my Commitment to Family Medicine My final rotation of fourth year was a two week elective in OB/GYN. I’d chosen it in late January, with only a few days to cement my schedule I assumed by May I’d want to brush up on my women’s…


Update: OB/GYN Basics

We've updated the OB/GYN Basics Resource Page

We’ve updated the OB/GYN Resource page, so if your rotation is coming up soon be sure to check it out!


“I like OB and family medicine – now what?”

Doing OB as a Family Medicine doctor

Family Medicine VS OB/GYN? So, you’ve done a few rotations and discovered you love family medicine, but you also love OB/GYN.  Considering pursuit of a career in family medicine, but still want to do pre-natal care and deliveries?  Questioning whether you can get cesarean section experience?  Wondering if…