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Questions to Ask at Your Interviews

The REAL Questions to Ask at Family Medicine Interviews

There are a ton of potential questions, to help determine if a program is a good fit for YOU. So it’s time to ask yourself what kind of training environment you want, what populations you hope to work with and what you want…


FM: Opposed versus Unopposed

Family Medicine - Opposed or Unopposed?

“Is your program opposed or unopposed?” It’s the second question I asked of each program at last year’s AAFP conference, but it’s not the right one to ask. First, let’s define about what I’m talking about. Definitions Are Important Unopposed – Means that at the primary educational facility (hospital)…


For our fellow PGY1s…

FMStudent will not have articles aimed at interns or residents, because it’s built for medical students. However, we will be launching an intern-focused site next year, after surviving our own PGY-1 years. For the interim may I suggest you bookmark in-House, a sister-site to…


9 Tips For the Interview Trail

Since I’ve already written about interview tips I’ve gotten from residents, I’m sharing some of my own tips today! For the most part, Family Medicine interviews (or at least, the 15 I went on) tend to be more laidback–I definitely got the impression that my…


Interview Advice From Residents

Along the interview trail and on my audition rotations, I decided to ask for advice from residents on interviews, and on choosing a residency program. Here’s a compilation of 10 pieces of interview advice that I gleaned from residents in those conversations! Learn…


How To Choose A Residency Program

There are hundreds of great family medicine residency programs in the U.S., so narrowing down your search can be somewhat difficult! If you need some advice on how to choose a residency program, consider these factors in your search to help you choose…


Finding Housing For Rotations

Medical school is expensive, and there’s no reason to rack up even more debt during your clinical rotations if it’s not necessary! Check out these resources if you need to find housing for your rotations! Family/Friends If you have any connections to the area, this…


“I like OB and family medicine – now what?”

Doing OB as a Family Medicine doctor

Family Medicine VS OB/GYN? So, you’ve done a few rotations and discovered you love family medicine, but you also love OB/GYN.  Considering pursuit of a career in family medicine, but still want to do pre-natal care and deliveries?  Questioning whether you can get cesarean section experience?  Wondering if…


5 Tips For Securing Recommendation Letters

Getting recommendation letters can seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be! Keep these 5 simple tips to keep in mind, and you should have a less stressful time with securing them for when you apply to residency programs!…