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Differential Diagnosis for Fourth Year

Building a Better Differential As a medical student  I used VINDICATE to build my differential diagnoses, both in third and fourth year. As an intern I’ve realized I should have moved beyond the mnemonic in fourth year, to be better prepared for working on the…


Medical iPhone Apps for Third Year Med Students

Medical iPhone Apps

Here’s the list of medical iPhone apps I most used during third year. I’ve tried to list the most useful apps, skipping any that had one helpful screen and a bunch of garbage or bloat features. If you’re an Android user I also tried to note…


Medicine’s Hidden Curriculum & its Effects on 3rd Years

The Hidden Curriculum of Third Year Medical School

Hidden Curriculum & Medical Martyrdom Medicine is full of people who went through an un-healthy process to get to where they are. The intense competition of pre-med builds a foundation of over-achievement and self-neglect, the beginning of our medical martyrdom. We decorate this…


Resource Roundup: Third Year Advice for Current Second Years

Third Year Advice Roundup

Third Year Advice Round-Up Most of the class of 2018 are in the midst of board studying, stealing a precious moment to take a break and browse the web. Before you get back to doing practice questions we’d like to promise you that third year…


Should you do an Ortho Sports Med elective?

Ortho / Sports Med Elective

Should you do an Ortho Sports Med elective? I have to admit, I’m biased to answer yes to this question. When I was a pre-med I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon, due to an adolescence filled with patellar dislocations and repeat visits…


Interview Advice From Residents

Along the interview trail and on my audition rotations, I decided to ask for advice from residents on interviews, and on choosing a residency program. Here’s a compilation of 10 pieces of interview advice that I gleaned from residents in those conversations! Learn…


FM Student’s Guide to Surviving Third Year Night Shifts

Almost all guides to night shifts are the same. The #1 rule to remember is: this is part of your education, but also part of everyone else’s work day or hospital experience. Be engaged – interact with patients and your staff, and don’t…


Clerkship Tools: Psychiatry and Mental Health

The best tool for your psych clerkship is a well known book – First Aid for Psychiatry – that covers literally everything you’ll need for the shelf exam (COMAT or the MD version). For large textbooks I say get the real thing, rather than the…


Should you Do a Radiology Elective?


Fourth year of medical school you usually have more weeks of electives available and it can be hard to decide what to do with all that time. Is there any benefit to doing a radiology elective? Yes. I’m only on the second day of…


How To Prepare for your COMAT / Shelf Exams

COMAT / Shelf Exams If you’re reading this, welcome to third year:  a magical time that will make you remember why you applied to med school in the first place.  The most important thing to remember about third year is that you are…