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The Match Algorithm – How Does it Work?

The Match Algorithm

Understanding the Match Algorithm The Match algorithm is based on the work of Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapely – who jointly won the 2012 Economic Sciences Nobel. It is essentially a simple database which takes a list of residencies and a much larger list of hopeful…


SOAP is Coming: The Aftermath of The Match

Should you SOAP into Family Med?

Tomorrow morning medical students across the US will get an email that notifies them whether or not they Matched into an ACGME program. If they did they’ll have another few days to wait to discover where, giving those who got a negative email…


Should you Scramble into Family Medicine?

AOA Post-Match Scramble

The AOA Match was on February 8th, immediately followed by the “scramble” of un-matched seniors. The scramble is the AOA version of the ACGME SOAP, during which fourth year medical students who did not match try to find a residency position with programs that still…