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Thank You Notes After First Clerkship Rotation?

Should you send a Thank You Note After First Rotation?

Congratulations third years! You’ve survived your first clerkship rotation, possibly even have a day off before you start the next one. Now you might be wondering what the etiquette is for thanking the physician or staff who helped guide you through this intense…


Post-Interview Communication

This topic was originally a part of the Interview Advice From Family Medicine Residencies post, but it’s been sectioned out into its own piece! Farrah’s Perspective Post-interview communication can be a tricky deal. You want to demonstrate your interest in the program, but…


Quick Tips: Assessment and the VINDICATE mnemonic

VINDICATE mnemonic for Differential Diagnosis

Developing Your Differential Building Skills My med school used two mnemonics that helped me when it came time to try to come up with an assessment and plan, VINDICATE and FAMOUS. Today I’m writing on how you can use the VINDICATE mnemonic to build a differential that’ll impress…


FM Student’s Game Plan For Your Clinical Years

Feeling a little nervous about starting and/or doing well on your clinical rotations? Check out FM Student’s game plan for your clinical years! Your third year (and early fourth year) of medical school are your chance to figure out what field you want to go into and to get…


See You at the AAFP National Conference!

AAFP National Conference 2016

If you’re coming to the AAFP National Conference, I’ll see you there. All the Massachusetts programs are having a family med party and you should come! Not sure what conference is about? Check out Shannon’s prior post about the AAFP National Conference for Medical Students…


Interview Advice From Family Medicine Residencies

I interviewed at 15 Family Medicine programs in 6 different states across the country and matched at my first choice, so I decided to interview some of the places I interviewed at to compile this post on interview advice from family medicine residencies!…


Sample Interview Questions

If you’re looking for some sample questions to look over before going on your residency interviews, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a batch of practice questions for you to go through! …but first off–my biggest piece of advice? Relax and be yourself. Know…


Interview with Hippo Education’s Aaron Bright, MD

Primary Care RAP - Because what you do matters

What’s Hippo Education? Hippo Education is the company behind some of the most fun podcasts you’ve ever downloaded: EM RAP, Peds RAP, Urgent Care RAP and, most awesome of all, Primary Care RAP. Sure, we may be biased. But it’s alright. What does Hippo do?…


Cardiology Rotation Resources

Resources for Cardiology Rotations

There’s a lot of internal medicine sub-specialty rotations you can choose from during your third or fourth year electives, and one that is frequently recommended is cardiology, or electrophysiology cardio (ie: EKG reading), lasting anywhere from 1-4 weeks. It can be one of the…


Happy July! It’s Time for AAFP’s National Conference!

2016 AAFP National Conference!

It’s July again!  And that means something amazing.  AAFP’s National Conference is at the end of the month!  And I get to go back.  I’m giddy with excitement.  I cannot wait to be surrounded by my people again.  I have a scholarship through…