FM StudentFMStudent will not have articles aimed at interns or residents, because it’s built for medical students. However, we will be launching an intern-focused site next year, after surviving our own PGY-1 years.

For the interim may I suggest you bookmark in-House, a sister-site to in-Training meant for residents, fellows and house staff. They have some articles about how residency prepares us, the ups and downs of intern year, and a post I really enjoy that compares two lists of “success” in intern year.

This will be our only non-student post this year, so I’d like to also reach out to my fellow PGY 1’s and say if you’re interested in helping out some students during a light rotation this year, contact us! We’ve got questions only those who recently went through MS4 can answer, and we’d love to get more than just our core trio replying!

Good luck, interns. You’ve got this.

By Pixie