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Pixie is happiest reading with a cup of tea in hand. She enjoys women’s health, adolescent medicine, painting and polymer clay. For more info, see her much longer bio on the author page.


How to Budget During Med School

How to Budget During Med School

What? I just got my loans. I’m fiiiiiiine. I don’t need to budget. It’s August 2020 – and that means brand new medical students are on their way to start school. If you are paying for bills, tuition, books, food, housing and everything…


Applying to Residency During a Pandemic?

Fourth year and at a loss where to start in choosing residency programs to apply for? We got you, friend.


Racism in Medicine and America: Resources for Students, Residents and Attending Physicians

To combat racism in medicine and our daily lives you can educate yourself. Twitter has given us free resources to use to do so.


EKG Basics

How to Read EKGs

I’m assuming you learned some EKGs at the end of your second year, before you started clinicals. But now it’s April and you may have forgotten. So let’s review some basics and get you started on reading EKGs better. You’re going to want…


Making your Rank Order List (ROL) for Match 2020

Images of Valentine's candies with "pick me" and "choose me" with text Match Day and Your Rank order List

In less than a month the Rank Order List Certification Deadline will happen. Interviews have occurred, emails exchanged, charts of pros/cons drawn up. Programs are looking over lists of applicants and notes from residents, admin and faculty. Many have already decided on how…


Holiday Gifts for Medical Students

For parents, spouses and friends of medical students it can be tempting to buy novelty doctor gifts for them for the winter Holidays. But in less than four years those “soon to be doctor,” “degree loading” or “doctor in training” shirts and mugs…


Podcasts for Long Drives

Image of the road, with text "2019 PODCASTS"

Over and over I’ve read an episode title and thought “Well, this will be boring” only to be so enthralled by what I’m learning that I have repeatedly missed my exit or driven past the hospital.


More Questions to Ask at Your Residency Interview

More questions to ask at your interviews

Pixie has survived 3 years of residency and interview seasons – so here’s an update on questions to ask at YOUR Family Medicine residency interview.


2019 Interview Season Mega-Post

Welcome medical students! If you have questions about interview season we strongly recommend you get on Twitter and follow the #Match2020 tag to get them answered. But before you go, here are some links to our past articles about interview season. Yes, they’re…


Dress to… Empower!

Woman in Blazer with Purse, looking over balcony, with Caption "Dress to Empress" and "What to Wear as Medical Student"

Most of the advice centers around concepts of trust, perceived competence and patient ease; and the claim that our clothing can influence these important elements of a patient interaction. So: what does data actually demonstrate?