Racism in Medicine and America: Resources for Students, Residents and Attending Physicians

I’ve spent the past week pretty quiet on social media, primarily bookmarking and sharing content from others. The speed of Twitter gives you a lot in a single five minute “visit” and then it’s quickly gone. So, I’ve compiled a lot of the resources that have been shared. They are NOT only for students, but also residents and attendings. I’m putting it up on this website because it gets more traffic than FMresident.com does. All resources gathered from Twitter and links are to there in most cases, but there are some direct website links as well. TL;DR if you don’t have a Twitter account get one and bookmark these. – Pixie

1. Donations

2. Buy from Black-Owned Businesses

Don’t buy BLM stuff off Amazon, please.

3. Reading / History / Learning

Get your new books from black-owned bookstores! Neat. (If they are overwhelmed with orders also consider independent locally owned bookstores, but please don’t order these books off Amazon.)

4. Action from Home

5. Guides for Protesting

6. Becoming a Street Medic

Please be advised it may be MORE dangerous to act as a medic at a protest and you NEED training in crowd assessment/safety and your own gear to protect from severe injury (because recently Police Target Protest Medics). Please reach out to a protest group, attend a protest with them and then pursue street medic work if that is of interest to you. DO NOT just show up expecting to act as street medic on your own, regardless of level of training.

7. Twitter Folks to Follow

Wait, what? Yes, I think one way to broaden your education is to follow black folks on Twitter.

  • List of black residents and physicians from KC Ardem
  • List of black journalists/writers/hosts from Yasher Ali


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