Sleep for Free on the Interview Trail

Free service for medstudents to find lodging for residency interviewsAt a recent interview I met an awesome young woman who told me about a website just for fourth year students looking for free couches or beds to sleep on. The website is, created by two EM applicants at UC Davis. The idea is simple – prove you’re on the interview trail with an ERAS screenshot and setup an account, then look for a bed in a city you’re visiting to interview. Not having to shell out $60-$200 for a hotel room is always great, and getting restful sleep for free can only improve your interview day. You might luck out and stay with a student who’s rotating at the program you’ll be interviewing at; the student I met actually ended up talking with one of the residents the night before and learning more about the residency and the city.

Couch Surfing/Account Setup

When you submit a request to create an account you’ll see a popup that it’s been sent for approval, quickly followed by an email strongly suggesting you create a profile to host. The idea is that the site is reciprocal, and everyone who uses the service to crash on a couch should host another student at least once – an idea I can definitely get behind. The email also reminds you to send proof of MS4 status within 48 hours.

Hosting/Profile Creation

Yes, they actually list the osteopathic schools in the drop down. That’s classy and appreciated, as there is a tendency for overly long names on the DO side.  The hosting profile is setup via a Google Form, so it’s clear this is a small project with the two students working on the back-end to add in users.

More to Come

After my account gets approved I’ll update with what the service is like, and review the experience if I get to try out someone’s couch, or host a student.

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