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Welcome in-Training.org Visitors! Welcome medical students and family medicine fans! Since you’re new we’d love to tell you about some posts we’re currently working on, and recommend you check out our favorite posts. We hope you enjoy your visit, and encourage you to check us out Twitter and follow us on Facebook for updates!Welcome in-Training.org Visitors!

Posts for Upcoming Third Years

Posts for Soon-To-Be Fourth Years

Food for Thought

We’re always working on new articles and accepting new writers. Here’s a short list of some of the posts we’re currently working on.

  • Farrah’s 9 Tips for the Interview Trail
  • Several new “Residency Spotlight” articles
  • Interview red flags to watch out for
  • More advice on the interview process, start to finish
  • FMstudent’s Mini Guide to Starting Third Year
  • Recommended Podcasts
  • Updated App Roundup

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