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Resources for Third Year Medical StudentsThe original purpose of was to provide advice and recommendations to newly minted third year students on how to thrive in their first clinical year. Our founders are coming up on the end of intern year, however FMStudent will stay focused on the final two years of medical school, and the struggles therein. In the upcoming months you’ll be seeing a lot of posts aimed at fourth year specific advice, but we intend to continue providing information for third year clinical experiences, too.

So, we wanted to remind you of our posts in specific areas, with this simple round-up our articles on resources, clerkships and shelf exams.

Tell your friends, share the news… FMstudent is still here for you.

Recommended Resources for Third Year

  • Resource Reviews – This tag covers everything, from books to online videos to flashcards and qBanks. It’s where we try to do reviews of products we’ve used and share our experience so you can find the best tools for yourself. It’s where the new programs, like OnlineMedEd, get placed on a pedestal above existing ones, so you can benefit from it now.
  • Clerkships – From general advice to specialty-specific, we try to make recommendations on the best books to look smart in front of your attendings, as well as tips to learn well and prepare for your shelf exam.
  • COMATs – They’re a different beast from the ACGME shelf exams. Here’s how the FMS crew got through third year’s COMAT crazy days.

Want more?

If there’s a resource we haven’t reviewed ask us about it in the comments below. We would love to work on it for you!


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