Welcome to Family Medicine…

Whether it happened on Monday or today in SOAP I’m so glad y’all Matched to Family Medicine. Tomorrow both MDs and DOs who participated in the NRMP Match find out where they Matched to.

Many DOs are still on rotations – it is entirely OK to tell your preceptor you will NOT be in tomorrow, because whether it’s your #1 or #20 you will be on an emotional rollercoaster and need the time to process it. (While other DOs already Matched in the NBOME version and know exactly where they’ll be in a few months).

Many MDs will be expected to be at official Match day ceremonies – which it is entirely OK for you to skip if you cannot bear the thought of dealing with those emotions in such a public setting.

Regardless, in July you will be Family Medicine interns, and it is so awesome to have you join our party. Welcome to the club.

By Pixie

PS: Here’s some Twitter graphics if you want to party online and announce your location. I’m on vacation and had a minute to spare while waiting for my mum to get ready to go out for dinner. 🙂


Pixie is happiest reading with a cup of tea in hand. She enjoys women’s health, adolescent medicine, painting and polymer clay. For more info, see her much longer bio on the author page.

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