Why Make This Site?

Why We Built It

There’s not much online that is purely for Family Medicine focused students. Even the #FMrevolution tag is mostly aimed at docs who are out of residency. Neither the DO or MD associations have a very active/engaged student presence online, except for student run Facebook pages, typically for their own campus chapter of AAFP or ACOFP. We saw this void, and we want it to be filled with free, open source knowledge.

We were inspired by:

  • EM FOAM sites, especially CoreEM.net, all of which provide high quality, up to date and relevant information for students and residents;
  • by the spirit and engagement of the #FMrevolution and #MedEd supporters online;
  • and by the passion of our fellow students who are also interested in family medicine.

This site is made for students, exclusively. Our content is not intended for residents or practicing physicians, but for those embarking on the adventure of clinical experience, excited to learn all they can to prepare for the breadth of Family Medicine. All content will remain free, open-access and never require a login or password to access, although to cut down on spam you must create an account to comment. Welcome to FMstudent.com!

How It’s Built

This is a side project and labor of love for two family medicine physicians. We’re publishing with WordPress, using a free theme, paying out of our own pockets for hosting (via DreamHost). All photos are taken by us, unless otherwise noted, and all images created for free using Canva or PicMonkey.

Reviews of Products/Services/Books/Etc.

Almost all of our reviews are done because we have personally experienced/used the thing in question, and feel it is useful to medical students. We occasionally do reviews on request, but if we think your product is scammy or rubbish we will decline your offer – multiple requests do not help your cause. We consider partnerships with companies that provide beneficial services, and the best way to entice us to spend our time reviewing your business is to offer us discounts for our readers, because medical students are broke and deserve it. Use the contact form or direct message us on Twitter if you would like to discuss such a partnership.

Disclaimer: This site is not intended for patients or laypersons, although you are free to read what you like, please realize none of this is medical advice or counsel. We strongly recommend you speak to your physician for any health concerns, and call 911 if you’re having an emergency.

Last updated: March 30th, 2020

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