Tips for Fourth Year StudentsThis fall we’ll be doing an awesome series of interviews with current FM interns, getting advice and tips for fourth year medical students embarking on the residency application and interview process. Today we’re interviewing Sean, an osteopathic student who Matched to a family medicine program in the South.

What inspired you to choose Family Medicine?

I struggled between OB/GYN, EM, Peds, and MED/Peds. With FM I can work with much of the above, and do a fellowship in things like EM or Women’s Health.

Did you rotate at any FM programs as part of your fourth year?

Yes, I rotated at two programs. I recommend it but it’s not necessary for family medicine to get in. It does however give you an excellent view of the program you’re interested in.

Did you attend any regional or national FM conferences during medical school?

I attended the NC family medicine conference during second and third year. It really helped getting to know the programs and showing my face. Highly recommend going to conferences.

What were your top three factors in creating  your rank order list? 

Program quality, location and proximity to my friends.

Are you single/married? What role did that play in your ranking?

Single. Great because I could choose where I truly wanted to be.

You’re a DO, did you apply AOA, ACGME or both? What do you recommend to fourth years trying to decide?

Both. Choose a program that you like and go for it. It is hard making a decision if you really like an MD program but want to rank a DO program, too.

Any final advice for current fourth years?

  1. Make sure you have more than enough money at the end of fourth year. Med school ends early, before you start getting paid; that month or two may be hard to afford if you’re on your own.
  2. Don’t believe what programs tell you even if they say everything you want to hear!

Thanks for letting us interview you Sean! Good luck with intern year!

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