FMS is One Year Old Today!Happy Birthday FMStudent!

Today marks one year since our very first post went live. Was it crazy to launch a website as fourth year medical students? Of course, yet it’s been an amazing year! We’ve had incredible opportunities to review products and interview doctors who are changing #MedEd on a daily basis. I’ve certainly written more than I did in the prior three years of school combined, and am slowly improving with every post. So, happy birthday to us!

The Most Popular Posts of the Year?

First, with 23% of all visits to our site, is How Do I Study for the Family Med Shelf, closely followed at 21% by How to Prepare For Your COMAT/Shelf Exams. In number three, trailing behind at “only” 10% of all our traffic this past year, is a resource review, Resources: Board Prep. It’s no surprise medical students spend so much of their time thinking about shelf exams and Step 2 board prep. So we’re incredibly happy to have helped so many of you find answers to those questions.

Pixie’s Favorite Posts

  1. Farrah’s Interview Advice From Residents
  2. Shannon’s Writing Your ERAS Residency Personal Statement
  3. My own Social Media: 5 Tips to Curate Your Online Presence for Residency Apps

Wait… wasn’t there a post about favorite posts? Yes, called Our Favorite Posts: A Taste of It’s got links to a few other great articles we’ve all written this year.

Most importantly… Thank You!

The site is meant for you, we write for you, there’s no reason for it to exist without you. So thank you for coming back, reading what we write, and encouraging us to keep moving forward, even as we begin the second month of PGY1 as Family Medicine residents. We’re so excited that so many students are choosing Family Medicine this year – you’re definitely going into the best specialty there is! (Us, biased? Well, maybe.)

By Pixie